3 Best article rewriter tools to help you write SEO optimized content

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3 Best article rewriter tools to help you write SEO optimized content

Writing is the core of a digital business no matter what are its dimensions. You always need to have SEO-optimized, readable, and plagiarism-free articles to get a higher rank.

This excessive demand for articles and blogs has also brought many complexities for article writers. One of the biggest problems an article writer faces is plagiarism or duplication.

It seems impossible for a writer to become proficient enough to write unique articles all the time. The problem becomes bigger when a writer has to write on a single topic many times. 

There are many reasons to face plagiarism in the content like insufficient vocabulary or less understanding of the topic. This is the time when a rewriter tool can help you in drafting unique articles for your website, blog, or digital agency.    

What is an article rewriter tool?

An article rewriter is a tool that can rewrite your articles to make them unique. These tools use synonyms and related phrases to change the original words to make the article free from duplications. 

The best part in these article rewriters is they do not change the meanings of the paragraph at all but just rephrase sentences. In simple words, the tool will just change the words not the entire meanings of your lines.

Why it will be helpful to use a rewriter?

The need for an article rewriter has increased a lot in the current scenario. Today, we see billions of articles on every topic.

Being a writer, you always face plagiarism issues whenever you complete an article. Some parts of your work often match with someone’s content. 

It happens accidentally most of the time when you are not even supposed to copy someone. In this situation, you might face difficulty to solve this issue properly. 

Being a professional writer, you have to complete more than one blog or article on daily basis. You do not have time to search for the synonyms and rephrase your content to make it unique as well as preserve the meanings.

Sometimes you replace one word with a synonym but it looks inappropriate in the sentence and your content becomes ugly.

Insufficient vocabulary can also be a reason while rephrasing articles. No one is perfect at learning many words of the same meaning. 

That’s why most writers face trouble in making the content unique. An article rewriting tool helps the writer in this condition. It saves time and makes the content plagiarism-free without affecting the original meanings.

There are thousands of article rewriter tools available online. But we know, you are also suffering from finding the best rewriter tool for you. That is the reason you have landed on this page.

Do not worry at all about finding the best article rewriter tool. We have come up with a list of the 3 best article rewriter tools which will help you to eliminate plagiarism from your content.

List of the best article rewriter

For every task, you will find a huge list of tools on the internet. It has become difficult for a person to find the best and reliable article rewriter from such a huge collection. 

Here you will find a brief description of those tools. You can pick any of them to remove plagiarism from your content. 

1.    Editpad.org

With multiple beneficial features, editpad.org has one of the best article rewriters available online. It has a simple interface to get the work done in seconds.

This tool allows a user to rewrite an article of a maximum of 1000 words in one turn. You don’t need to register with this tool or platform to rewrite an article of this word count.


To get a unique article, you just need to write or paste text in the given box. You can also upload files in a different format from your device. 

When you have done, just click the “Paraphrase It” button and see the magic. This paraphrasing tool will make your article unique by changing words with related synonyms. 

The original content along with the paraphrased content will be shown side by side for comparison. You can copy the changed content or download the file in the doc. format. 

2.    Check-plagiarism.com

On the second rank, we have a rewriting tool from Check-plagiarism. This tool gives you the freedom to choose the best synonym as per the meanings of your content.

You just simply have to paste content in the given box and tap the “Paraphrase” button. In a few seconds, you will see the result on your screen.


After paraphrasing, you will be shown all the changed words in colored format. You can pick the perfect synonym that you feel will be suitable for your context just by clicking on the word.

There are thousands of words in its dictionary so you will have a huge choice to make your content readable. When you have done with the changes, you can also check grammar mistakes directly through this tool. 

Along with this, you will find multiple working modes of this tool. In this way, you can choose any of them as per your content sensitivity or complexity. 

The only issue with this tool is the availability of the ad. You can’t use this tool without having advertisement banners on the screen. 

3.    Articlerewriter.net

When it comes to using a simple but efficient tool for paraphrasing, you don’t find a tool more impactful than articlerewriter.net. 

This tool also checks grammar mistakes in the rephrased content. So, you do not need to check it separately.

It gives the results in a fraction of a second so you will not face any delay in submitting the article. In this way, you will be able to remove plagiarism from your work in a short time. 

You don’t need to be a technical person in the field to understand the working of this tool. The only thing you have to do is to choose its working mode from the top menu and paste your content inside the text box. 

After this, just click on the Rewriting Article button. The tool will first analyze your content with its AI technology and then replace the words with some related but appropriate synonyms. 

You do not need to buy a subscription to use this tool as this is a free tool. The tool will give you 100% authentic results without changing the actual meanings. 

For your safety, you can compare the original content with the paraphrased one. Also, you should get a look at the new content and proofread it properly for your assurance. 


No doubt, it has become difficult to draft a unique article on any topic. But with the help of the above rewriting tools, you will be able to eliminate duplications without manual hard work. 

The only effort you have to do is to keep check of the rewritten content to make it optimized using your knowledge. Also, you should remove such words that you feel are not suitable for the context.