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SEO Content Writing Services - Website Content and Blogs

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO score) is among the factors that determine whether a website will be a successful one or not, however SEO score is the most important one. It determines how high the website will be ranked with the major search engines and so it further influences the outcome of traffic. This happens because about 90% of all traffic is generated merely through search engines, this openly demonstrates how important it is in the process of getting your site ranked top.

The only way to obtain that high rank is by the application of quality content on your website. This will increase your website’s natural rank and the effects will be more permanent. The organic  rank has the tendency to fall so quickly and once gained, the high position is relatively easy to maintain if you know what to do. Of course, many people aren’t too proficient in this field and this is where you will require professional content writing services.

Our content writing includes both elements of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and those of essay writing. It is difficult to create content for your website that will make sense, be readable and engaging while still implementing all the keywords that have to be implemented in the text. Of course, Keyword density is very important and it can only be handled the experts who can provide that high level of SEO copywriting.

We at the Lowcostseo pride ourselves with our content writing services since they are amongst the best on the market. Our copywriters know exactly how to respond to your demands and create content that will be very engaging and Search Engine Optimised.

Our services includes blog writing, article writing, press releases and web copywriting and whatever writing needs you require. In most cases the content services are strictly determined by your needs and you have the last say with every single operation that we propose. Our experience in the content writing field will ensure that you get top notch service with all our proposals properly calculated. This means that the course of action we take concerning our SEO copywriting services is a cost effective one. Of course, if you need something that goes with your preference then we are ready to follow it to the latter and provide the services to meet your demands.

We can advise you on which to choose from to help improve your sites leverage or overall traffic. We treat each client in a different way as not all clients will prefer something of a similar taste, if you come to us we will give you the unique treatment that you deserve.

On-site SEO Content Writing

Content is the website's biggest asset, it is important that the message you want to convey to your audience is clear. Whether you want new content or require the existing content refined we can do it for you. Every client at Lowcostseo will receive a dedicated writer who will work side by side with your marketing team to make sure that your site's content matches your brand identity and is conversion friendly. For a successful SEO campaign, one must start off from the beginning where they have to ensure that the pages of the websites are themed properly according to your selected keywords. The following are some of the areas in which our writers will look at in order to improve your Page Optimization:

  • Metadata
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1s, H2s
  • Content
  • Alt Tags
  • Link Attributes

Lowcostseo follows some tactics to improve the overall quality of your site such as, writing new content for your site, enhancing your site's internal structure to improve SEO, user experience and conversion. We will also provide blog posts that are engaging to your customers and address any grammatical and structural issues

Off-site SEO Content Writing

Lowcostseo builds links and markets your site's content across the web to drive traffic to your site and establish the overall SEO value. It is important that our content writers work closely with our link building team in order to create a greater online presence and strategically improve your link’s profile. The traditional off line content services include (but are not limited to) - Press Releases, Article Submission, Micro-sites and Blogger and PR Outreach.

Successful content writing service is only positive when it translates to good conversions. By tracking these conversions, we can check the effectiveness of the content on that page. We at Lowcostseo will not only provide you with content but positive results too.

All in all, we provide a well-rounded service that covers all aspects of content writing and we do them at low and affordable prices. The dedication that we show to our clients is what makes us stand out and we will help you make the wise choice for your website needs.

Why is having Good Content so Important?

As we had already said earlier on that "Content is King". Having unique content that is updated regularly will only enhance your site's visibility and reputation on search engines. Good content is important to the success of any website. When a user first comes to your website, he/she will be looking for something that corresponds to their interest on your site and it is this content that actually brought them there in the first place.  Below are some of the advantages of having quality content content on your website:

Attracts many visitors - content that contains all your relevant keywords is more visible to search engines thus making your website attract larger audience. 

Improved brand image - when content is nicely written and properly structured, it creates a good impression of your brand and it shows that your target market is more likely to trust you.

Minimize bounce rates - it is important for users to find the information that they are looking for on your site clearly so that they can stay and read more about what they are looking for on your site.

Loyalty - uniquely written content creates trust and respect for your website which in turn means many customers are likely to return to the website and engage with you in many other ways. 

Content writing in reality isn’t about writing to make the search engines happy. Of course, do the key phrase research and well, put your key phrases in the search engine power positions. With SEO, the guidelines that were used  years ago are still functional.

Don’t forget that the search engines are not your customers and they are not going to purchase any products or services from you. Keeping that in mind, always write content that is for your customers and target market in mind. In content writing, you need to learn to embrace direct response writing and put it in mind that content writing is more about persuasion to a real customer rather than algorithmic relevancy.