Case Studies

Lowcostseo has worked on a diverse range of businesses since our inception in 2008. Our main goal has always been providing the very best of SEO services to all our clients and having a positive impact on all our SEO campaigns. Our portfolio speaks of our expertise in link building, directory submissions, social media marketing and many other marketing avenues. We have applied our knowledge and proficiency in understanding the whole search engine optimization process and quickly learning about the latest Google Algorithm updates too. Have a look at what some of our clients say about our work.

Specialcarwash Ltd, Martin Dibb

We joined forces with to promote our website. They undertook a keyword analysis and quickly figured out the most appropriate keywords to target for our business. We understand the competition in the internet market and followed the guidelines provided by Lowcostseo. They trained us from the start in what sort of content to add and how to optimize the site's newly added content. Communication was effortless with our dedicated manager.  The results too have been very positive for us and aided in our rapid growth., B.S Bansal

Within a matter of weeks we had all our Keywords ranked on the first page of Google. We were so impressed with Lowcostseo that we added more keywords and signed up on their monthly maintenance seo service. Our traffic and enquiries more than tripled and it made us quickly a household manufacturing company in Africa., Sunny Singh

First and foremost, Communication was quick and easy with them and secondly the value for their services offered was second to none. Prior to hiring Lowcostseo, we were skeptical that SEO will be expensive and whether we'll get the results or not but Lowcostseo delivered when it mattered. With time we have learnt a great deal from Lowcostseo and its marketing team. They have guided us all though the process and its them who have turned my business venture into a success., Greg Hooper

As a new company it is important to find the right SEO partner. With Lowcostseo we did find the right one for our business. They helped us in the decision making process and were always at hand to guide us on what marketing strategies to take on. Being a new company, we could not afford the hefty prices other companies charged and Lowcostseo's packages were not only affordable to us but also provided us a platform from which to expand and grow further. Kaushik Kerai

We have been simply blown away by the level of SEO service we have got from Lowcostseo. They understood our requirements and formulated a plan in how to tackle a large number of keywords within the shortest time possible. Their SEO training methods were simply superb and most of us learnt from the basics to the intermediate SEO expert level. We are very pleased to have Lowcostseo on board with us as we understand that we require a solid SEO company to be the backbone for our marketing campaigns for the future too. 

Insolvency Guardian, Lesley Marks

Lowcostseo took us from no ranking whatsoever to the Page 1 on Google for keywords like Liquidation, business insolvency and many more. Our business has more then doubled with these top rankings and the phones don't stop ringing too We could not have been more satisifed with our SEO results., Hardeep Chana

Lowcostseo is the main reason why all of our online marketing and search engine optimization has been so successful. Lowcostseo formulated a strategy that was able to land us on the first page on Google. Our industry is very competitive and to be at the top simply meant more work, more customers and more revenue for us. Thank you Lowcostseo for being with us from the very start., Sebru Rodrigues

It's amazing how a few months ago our websites was no-where to be seen. I was getting very little traffic and enquiries. I was unsure if this solo venture would work for me or not. I found Lowcostseo and believed that they would deliver for me and my business. After just 2 months, I was found on page now and by the time it was Christmas, I had covered all my costs and was running on three fold profit. Lowcostseo I simply cannot thank you enough!!!, Maria K

I cannot heap enough praise on the team at Lowcostseo. They kept me updated at all times, explained what they're doing and made sure I understand the process. I also got basic SEO training from them for free which has really helped me. Thanks again!!!!, Paul Julian

Lowcostseo was actually recommended to me by a friend of mine who has worked alongside these wonderful guys. I was with another SEO company and results were not coming so I decided to try Lowcostseo and to my surprise the results have been amazing thus far. The traffic has been ever increasing and the website enquiries are going up each passing day!!

Freelifeintheuktest, Vlad Yatsenko

I cannot commend highly of Aaron and his team at Lowcostseo. The process was effortless, from setting up the account and then getting the weekly reports. I knew I had made the right decision when after 3 weeks my site's rankings improved alot to reach the top of the search engine rankings. Excellent work guys!!!, Abid Rees

I began the hunt for a good SEO service provider in August 2013 and it wasn't long when I found Lowcostseo. Sunny guided me really well from the first day and virtually took my business to a new direction totally. Right now I sit on top of Google for my keywords Spot Gold, Spot Gold investing etc. Now that's just great for my business and its all thanks to Sunny for guiding me!

Glowgranny, Mark Grimshaw

Well I was at first skeptical thinking if its cheap SEO then there must be a catch somewhere but I was proved wrong by Aaron and his team. After 3 months I happily sit at the top of the search engine for all my keywords in the wholesale trade. I could not be more happier than this!!

Agrex (italy) , Juliana Selza

Absolutely brilliant! I remember talking to Paul before signing up and he was adamant that we at Lowcostseo are the best around and I told him "prove to me" first. Well here I am writing after he's got me the results I wanted! I know Italy was a tough cookie to crack but we got there in the end!!! Bravo!!!!

TajweddingServices, Naeem

Aaron and his team have been a breath of fresh air for my business. Not only did they develop my site further with blogs and conversions from html, they added content regularly in order to get my keywords to the top. I cannot thank them any more! I am not dominating my niche market thanks to them!

Portner Furniture, Matt Burfield,

What made this company stand out from the rest is that they never gave us general advise to simply win our business instead it felt as if we are working with a team of talented individuals who genuinely wanted to bring success to our business. They constantly gave us new ideas and strategies that we really liked to implement. Aaron has been Mr.Fantastic!!!!!

Alifeofenergy. Caroline Leon

In the first 3 months we had all our keywords on page 1 that we had to add more keywords to challenge them further and they have delivered again and again. Thank you for helping my business to the top! Highly recommend these guys!

Am Flooring, Aaron Smith

My website has seen positive growth ever since Lowcostseo has taken charge of the marketing process. They ranked all my keywords on the 1st page within the stipulated time. What i liked about them was that they give you a estimated time and promise to work free on the keywords that don't rank after the time lapses. What other guarantee do you need!

Sngfire, Richard Stevenson

Aaron told me be patient and the results will come, he kept on persisting that we will reach the top very soon and guess what, we did! I was skeptical at first as i didn't see much movement in the first 3 months but the next 3 it was shooting up very fast just as Aaron had told me! Very talented bunch of individuals they got!