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To solve online marketing problems for all businesses.

SEO Agency

What can our SEO agency do for you? The right Search Engine Optimisation can do a whole lot, from improving traffic to increasing business itself. It can turn a small business into a growing success.

The right results don’t need to break the bank. Rather than train in-house specialists, it’s much better to let an affordable SEO agency expand your company’s online success. More and more people turn to Google to find the businesses they need, so it helps to have the results work in your favour.

Who Are We

We are Lowcostseo, a growing agency with a specialisation in SEO and online promotional services. Operating from our central London office, as well as two international offices, we provide business solutions for companies and operations all over the globe. We are enthusiastic about getting the most out of optimisation and we don’t believe it should cost a small fortune to do.

Understanding SEO

You may not understand SEO, but it certainly influences your business. Optimisation is the reason your company might appear on page 10 or page 3 of results pages, rather than page 1. Our SEO agency can use our skills and talent to help push you further up the results pages.

Put it this way, how do customers find your business? What keywords are they using the most to find you? If your company isn’t improving it’s web presence, it risks losing to the competitors that are. The worst thing any firm can do is underestimate the value of the internet.

Furthermore, the search engine dynamics and preferences involved are constantly changing, which is why you need an agency that’s up to date with developments. The old methods no longer work and, in fact, merely spamming content links can result in significant negative results from Google search pages. It’s not enough to just have content online, it needs to be high quality content that meets today’s requirements.

What Services Do I Need?

This depends entirely on your situation. We provide a number of budget SEO services that can help improve your web presence, whether its providing direct content or using social media to reach new audiences. These include:


  • SEO. Do you want to improve your ranking on Google? A better result will allow more people to see your business, helping to build a strong return of investment.
  • Social Media. Want to get the word out to more people? Whatever your message, our social media services can help you reach the right audience, as well as potential new clients.
  • PPC. Pay Per Click adverts, using Google Adwords, are another way to generate traffic. We can create affordable PPC adverts that draw in new customers
  • Google Penalties. Have you been penalised by Google for previous actions? Our extensive work can restore this, providing better results and working with Google’s latest algorithms to keep your position high.


The Right SEO Company

A bigger investment doesn’t always mean better results. We are a dedicated but cheap SEO agency, providing the best services around. This is because we can combine all of our services to provide a fully rounded package. We don’t just focus on simple SEO techniques, we take a deep anaylsis of your company’s online presence and improve every angle we can. By merging great optimisation with fantastic social media activity, content sharing and more, we offer a fully rounded campaign.

Our packages can suit every budget and we’ll work with you to develop the right plan. Every company is different, so whether you’re looking to promote and market your brand, or turn to develop a higher click-through rate, we’re here to help.

Working With Us

When you choose our SEO company, we don’t just see a customer. We see a long standing partnership and a business we can benefit. There are no overnight results when it comes to search engines. If you want to stay at the top – and you want new customers or visitors to find your website easily – then you need an SEO specialist you can trust for ongoing support.

As part of our service, we proudly offer free advice and monthly reports demonstrating the results of our work, keeping you involved with every step of the process. We believe in offering the results you expert and our personalised reports allow you to see exactly what’s going on. You may not understand how SEO works, but you can understand the high success that we deliver.

So, if you’re looking for dedicated SEO professionals that will stay by your side, working to improve your web positioning and increasing traffic, give Lowcostseo a call.