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Local SEO Services

What is Local SEO Services?

As you notice around the web or in your local bus hub, there are many types of businesses that operate at an international, national or regional level. There are some that only cater for the local communities as either their product or service is designed for the customers based around their business locally. Web traffic for specific local searches, such as “Bus hire Kingston” or Bus hire surrey”, may be lower in volume than the more generic keywords such as “Bus hire online”. A specified keyword usually tends to have lower competition and is ideal if your business is looking to target specific customers only. In our example, the bus company in Kingston can only cater for locations around Kingston therefore they do not need to target any generic keywords which will not really bring them the clients they are looking or hoping for. In addition, the conversion rate too will be higher when one advertises for just the local market or local customers. Take full control of your website’s exposure and visibility by getting ranked at the top for all local searches and local maps listings. It is said nearly 80% of the population use the internet to find or source a local product or service. Are you ranked at the top?

We have noted it is much easier to get local SEO keywords ranked on Google then the generic ones. Even getting links from other local businesses is much easier than doing globally. Lowcostseo will submit your business to Google local which will aid in increasing your site’s visibility and exposure in the local search results. This step is very vital as these results claim the increasing space on the first results page in all major search engines.

Free Local Listings – Many people these days browse for local businesses using the free map services from Google (Google maps) therefore it is important that your business appears on the local listings. These services are located at Google places and Bing local listing.

Is Local SEO right for your business? – If you have a business that operates and caters for the local area, whether it is a town, city or county, then undertaking Local SEO marketing will be beneficial to your online business. SEO is the most cost effective method for any business to gain more customers. Our SEO packages are created to provide you with everything that you will need to get your website on page one.

Here are a few examples of business types where Local SEO campaigns are ideal: Accountant, Beauty Salons, Builders, Cleaners, Bus and Coach hire, Doctors, Dentists, Plumbers, Estate Agents, Electricians and many more.

Reasons why Local SEO will help bring new customers to your business

1. The online searches for local businesses is on the increase - In the years 2008/09 the number of local searches increased by 58% which means there are growing number of people looking for local products and services via the search engines like Google and Bing.

2. The local customers are using the internet to locate local businesses – A recent survey conducted showed that nearly 70% of local customers use the search engines as their main medium to find local businesses or products they require.

3.Conversion levels are the best for local advertising – it is a fact that advertising in the local marketing directory has the highest conversion rates than any other methods. It is said you get 50% more conversion then traditional advertising mediums.

4. Local SEO is well targeted to its audience – By undertaking local SEO services, you will promote your business to the exact customers that are looking for your business. This way they will be able to find you easily and timely too.

5. Greater ROI (Return on investment) – In comparison to other local advertising mediums such as local papers, leaflets and many others, the local SEO has great return of investment. By carrying out local SEO, you will reach the customers when they require your products or services and not when they don’t. This makes local SEO services very cost effective and efficient.

6.Mobile internet usage – Most of us these days browse the web using mobile phones and mobile apps too at our own convenience. With the local SEO services, you will get optimized well for both the PC and tablets (iPads) too. This way you will not miss out on any potential customers at all.

7.Free local SEO opportunities – Did you know it’s free to claim your listings in Google maps which will enable your business to be listed on hundreds of business directors online. This is free right now but not be the case in the future so join today.

8. Only around 10% of local businesses have Google Places listings – Many local businesses have not understood the power of online marketing yet. We suggest if you have a local business to quickly make a head-start before your competitors do.

9. The decline of local newspaper readership – As the age of mobile internet takes over, more and more people are taking to the web for the latest news or best possible local deals.

10. Online business reviews – Nearly as much as 70% of local customers trust the online business reviews therefore get your best customers to write a review on your business in order to attract more customers.

If you’re still looking for another reason to choose Local SEO services then here is one ethical reason – its eco-friendly and Green!! The trend towards the Local SEO Services is only going to get stronger day by day with more and more businesses learning and understanding its true potential and the impact it can have on their local businesses. So what are you waiting for now? Join Lowcostseo for the best Local SEO Services that will boost your business to the top.

Here is a great infographic by MDG Advertising  showing a virtual road map on how to drive up Local rankings.


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