How long does it usually take to achieve rankings?

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. The time frame for rankings to improve can vary significantly based on the site, and the competitive landscape. Lowcostseo typically averages 3 months before experiencing sustainable ranking increases. Across thousands of keywords, we see programs that take weeks, and others that take months. Therefore, we set expectations with every customer that the SEO process must be a consistent approach which requires patience.

How does Lowcostseo's pricing compare to other SEO companies?

Based on customer feedback, our pricing is the best around the web!

How does Lowcostseo achieve rankings?

Payonresultseo uses proven SEO practices to achieve rankings and abides by industry standards, including: credible link building, relevant blog postings, trusted social bookmarking, and select directory submissions in order to build a consistent, customized SEO program for each and every customer. Our SEO Team has partnerships with hundreds of publishers, blogs, and directory sites. Nearly all Lowcostseo SEO activities result in permanent exposure, even if the program is no longer in Active status. We work with our partners to identify relevant context for opportunities to further strengthen our customer's SEO programs.

Does Lowcostseo accept any website and/or small business?

We accept all websites, but we charge higher for any business/website related to gambling, pharmaceuticals or adult-material.

How often are Ranking Reports provided?

Ranking reports are updated once every month within the Customer Dashboard which all Active Lowcostseo Customers have a login/password to their specific programs. As an Active Lowcostseo Customer, the Customer Dashboard is available at any time. Within Lowcostseo's Dashboard, Customers also have full access to their Account Information, All Active Keywords, All Pending Keywords, All Deactivated Keywords, a Keyword Watchlist to monitor non-active keywords, and a SEO Services Activity Description Report for their Active Keywords.

Will Lowcostseo help with On-Page & Activation Set-up?

Absolutely! We do not charge any fees for On-Page Optimization consultation, and we'll definitely spend dedicated time to ensure that your pages are optimally set-up for the search engines review. Please note we do not charge for consultation but we do charge for carrying out the On-page Optimization work.

Are there any restrictions on Lowcostseo?

Yes, the following represents the main restrictions of LowcostSEO campaign: -The website must not be in flash. -You must be willing and able to do the on-page recommendations that we suggest. -The final keyword selection must be mutually agreed upon to both the client and agency. -If you have a thin affiliate website or your niche is related to porn, pills, payday loans or casinos, we charge a higher amount to market such sites.

How do Search Engines Actually Work?

Athough the Search Engines are continuously refining how they rank web pages, there remain four key elements that are the foundation for successful Page 1 results:: -choosing the best keywords -having the right website infrastructure and architecture -creating and presenting rich, original and engaging content -developing a profile of high quality, on-theme incoming links and citations

Is There a Minimum Contract Period?

No. Our SEO Plans are highly flexible and adaptable. Your obligation is simply from month to month as required with no long term contracts or burdensome terms and conditions. Agreements for our Custom SEO Programs will include specific terms and conditions.

Can I Talk To Some Of Your Clients?

Of course. We are always happy to introduce you to our clients and we will provide you with their contact details. As a courtesy, we always ask their permission first (as we would if you were a client) so it usually takes a day for us to receive their OK.

Do You Follow The Search Engine Webmaster Guidelines?

Because we clearly understand the importance of your web presence, we are highly conservative in our approach to Search Engine Optimisation. All our SEO techniques and methodologies are fully researched and verified on our own test web sites first before being introduced to our client sites.

Do You Guarantee SEO Results?

We do guarantee to execute the very best SEO techniques and methodologies however, as Google itself says, beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a special relationship with Google, or advertise a priority submit to Google. In the end, our track record and results must speak for themselves and we are happy to share these with you as well as provide you with direct contact with some of our clients so that you can evaluate for yourself our service levels and the outcomes achieved for our clients. We are ranked at the top of search engines for our own keywords and will happily do the same for your business. Discover more about our SEO process!