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Welcome to Lowcostseo! We are a passionate and enthusiastic SEO company providing online solutions for your company. Whether it’s improving your search results position or powerful ROI campaigns, we have the industry-specific skills to expand your recognition.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of SEO? Or simply have not considered it’s importance. If you’re looking to have any form of online presence, then it cannot be disregarded so easily. Read on to learn how vital it is and how we can improve it.

The Power Of SEO

Not everyone understands SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – but everyone is influenced by it. Optimisation is the reason some companies are on the first page of search results, and others are one page 2. With each click to the next page losing potential customers, where the likes of Google and Bing list your company means everything. With the right SEO strategies, this can be improved, bringing your business to an entire audience that never clicked through enough pages before.

SEO is important to both companies large and small, which is we don’t believe it should be an expensive right for the elite few. Every website needs to get itself seen and our budget SEO solutions are tailored to do exactly that!

How We Can Help

We specialise in offering flexible, affordable solutions to help improve your online presence. This is achieved through a number of services, ensuring a well rounded approach that looks at all aspects of your website.

Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, use complicated algorithms and scripts to determine the rankings when users enter a search query. This incorporates a number of factors, from the quality of your website (as well as the websites you are linked from), to the quality of the links that are driving traffic towards you. Google, for instance, penalises against ‘spam’ links or links from other low quality sources, so it isn’t enough to just get links out there. You need a professional SEO company that can generate the criteria, remove anything that is hindering your process and the monitor the results. This is what we do.

The fact is, there may be many reasons why your website isn’t getting viewed online, so we don’t just have one solution. Our SEO company does more than write content and landing pages. We can use social media to establish your brand recognition, or we can develop PPC campaigns to promote your company through adverts.

Positive and Negative SEO

The leading search engine, Google, employs both positive and negative search engine ranking techniques, so you need an SEO agency that can help deal with both. Google often moves websites down in rankings if its seen to be promoting bad content. This includes a lot of external sources, so you need professional help that can analyse these results and take steps to counter them.

Because so much of this focuses on past actions or content outside of your control, it’s possible to be punished for previous decisions, or even those of a competitor trying to bring your brand name down. Removing these penalties is something we specialise in.

Many other agencies do not like to make reference to the negative SEO criteria, but it’s important to remove these effects. Otherwise, the positive link building, quality content and other campaigns wont have as powerful an influence as they should. We look at the whole picture and work to improve everything.

Why Choose Us?

We’re not just any cheap SEO company. We’re a dedicated and professional London agency with a passion for all things SEO. Our experience in the industry means you are in safe hands. When you work with us, we look to establish a long, professional relationship. This includes monthly reports, feedback and advice from us, keeping you fully informed and aware of how successful our strategies are.

Aside from this, we’re a creative and friendly team, operating from our London and international offices. We don’t just look at statistics and results, we look at the people and company behind the websites we’re looking at. Everyone has different goals online, so we treat all or our customers as individuals. Feel free to say hello!

Nobody can ignore the power of SEO, from the smallest firm to the biggest global company. Optimisation is what helps reach new customers online, or keeps you above your competitors. If you want to improve your position online and make yourself more readily visible, get in touch with us at Lowcostseo. We’re ready to take action and get your site ranked at the top!