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In an age where there are millions of websites on the internet, it is only natural to have numerous sites offering similar products and services. As a result, consumers and potential customers are easily overwhelmed with the countless number of options from which to make a choice. In this fast paced world, there is little time for a consumer to take on the arduous task of having to read through every page of a company's website in order to get the general gist of products and services offered. Recently, companies began using short, one to two minute videos on their websites with the goal of communicating the central idea behind their products and services in a comprehensible manner. These videos may be live-action videos using real people or may be animated, but whatever the case, the language is clear-cut and concise with engaging graphics, images and illustrations. Needless to say, a key factor in the creation of one of these videos is creativity.

Fortunately, nowadays, companies need not break the bank in order to get a well-made explainer video. There are SEO companies such as Lowcostseo that have the expertise to provide companies on a low budget with good quality promotional video. Although these low-cost explainer videos may not be masterpieces, creatively made low-cost explainer videos will achieve the following:

1. They will immediately appeal to the viewer and grab his/her attention. This will keep the viewer on the page longer than he/she ordinarily would have stayed.

2. They will send across a unique and distinctive statement to the viewer, different from the statements of other similar service providers. This communication will be delivered in the shortest possible time, thereby saving the viewers time.

3. Conversion rates determine the effectiveness of any marketing campaigns. Conversion rates serve as a measure of the conversion of site visitors to paying customers. The use of a well-made, low-budget explainer video has the potential to greatly increase the company's conversion rate from 15% to 50%. Some sites boast of a 144% increase in conversion rates.

4. Explainer videos also have a positive influence on in-store sales. A consumer will likely do some research on a product he intends to purchase. An explainer video will introduce the product and then justify why the viewer should purchase the product.

5. Explainer videos will increase public awareness of a company's product as these short videos are easy to share on more popular social networking sites to increase exposure.

With all the right elements- creativity, brevity and some entertainment- a cheap explainer video will achieve its main goal, which is to communicate to the viewer, while saving costs. This is undoubtedly a great asset for both well established and newly set-up companies.

Leveraging on an SEO company’s experience in finding the right keywords to target and incorporate into the video, there is a potential to increase the conversion rate of your sales funnel in an exponential fashion.

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