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Our Mission

Our objective is to design stunning websites for all businesses within a budget.

Cheap Website Design


At Lowcostseo, we provide cheap website design, custom web templates and designs to the highest quality. Our ultimate goal is to fulfil the needs of all our customers by designing high quality attractive websites in their budget. We understand the value that a website can bring to any business therefore we put great importance on the interface design as it’s the first impression that counts that most. Within our cheap web design services you will get custom made high quality design implemented on the latest web platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Bootstrap etc.

We, LowCostSEO, have been providing cheap web design solutions to a large variety of clients from all over the globe. Website design plays a vital role in the success your website will make in the online realm. Let’s face it, the online world is very competitive, more and more companies are being launched every single day and there is only room for the best of the best.

The Power of a Good Web Design

The platform, the color choice, the type of letter, the logos, the position of the images and text, the combination of all the colors, and even the paragraphs in the text are all parts of a bigger picture: website design.

A good web design is essential to make a visitor want to learn more about your business, your website and the services you offer. First impressions do count and the best way to create a positive first impression is through a good website design. A negative first impression will make the visitor run away from your website and visit another one, however, when that first impression is positive, the visitor will want to know more about your website and will stay, thus, increasing the chances of converting that visitor into a client.

Aware of the role web design plays in the success of your website, LowCostSEO, offers you the opportunity to get cheap website design services that combine affordability and quality. Rely on professional coders and designers that will work together to exceed your expectations, allow them to transform your website and help you achieve success!

Why Choose our Web Design Services


At Lowcostseo, we have an experienced dedicated team of web designers and developers that are available 6 days a week on online chat, email or telephone. None of our work is outsourced which gives us total quality control.


All our website designs are unique and we do not use any templates. We believe in standing out at a business, moreover we want to build a site that is right for your business.


Our web designers can create high quality, powerful multi-lingual websites and ecommerce stores too. Our designs will help in attracting customers from around the globe.


We comprehend the growing trend and popularity of mobile devices and tablets therefore we make sure that all our customers get their sites fully mobile-ready.


Are you a webmaster that needs to update your site regularly? We build easy to use CMS admin panels that will allow you to login, edit, and update any pages you want. We can show you a demo too.


Being one of the best SEO Company, we will ensure the website is fully SEO friendly. All our sites come with installed SEO plugins so that you can tweak the meta tags whenever you want to do so, thus giving complete SEO control.


Our clients are given a dedicated account manager who will communicate effectively and liaise between the client and the development team.


We are quite used to in working to tight deadlines. From the initial stage to getting live will take just a matter of weeks depending on the project requirements.


Lowcostseo will assist in migrating your website or domain name. We will offer server support to speed up and secure your server.


We will link up and sync all your social media platforms such as Linked In, Google +. Facebook etc, to your website.


We will offer one month FREE SEO for up to 3 keywords for all our web development and web designing clients. See our monthly SEO packages 

Our Approach…

Analytic: Before starting the hands-on phase, first, we want to listen to your vision for your website: the things you would like to change, the things you would like to see in your website design and so forth. Then we will analyze your target audience in order to make sure the new design of the website will be in line with the market’s needs. 

Transformative: If you are looking for a cheap website design service, we understand that you want to change your website for better and that’s why our team of experienced professionals will do. Our approach is transformative, creating a unique design for each website. 

Up-to-the-minute: The online world is constantly changing and that is especially true when it comes to website design. Our professional team will make sure the design of your website will be made according to what your target audience is looking for. We will also go above and beyond to make sure we explore every possible way to make your website not only appealing, but also functional and modern. 

Web design is definitely one of the fastest growing industries in the contemporary world and it is no wonder that the things are going that way. More and more operations are transferred to the internet and that makes a need for well-designed and functional websites. Naturally, with the growing demand, there is a huge increase in providers offering their web design services. Still, only few of them can rightfully bear the title of true masters of the trade.

We at Lowcostseo are proud to be accounted amongst those real experts. Our web design team is amongst the best in UK and our services are well rounded to cover every single aspect of your operations.

Many of the companies and individuals offer websites made out with the help of various templates but our web design team has a completely different approach. We believe that you deserve the best possible product for your money therefore we avoid the usage of templates. Instead of that, we offer the great personalized solutions that will fit your needs perfectly.

Our websites are made especially for the targeted audience and they are focused on the services or products they wish to sell or advertise. Also, the level of expertise our web design team possesses allows us to make powerful CMS’s which allow a customer to update and improve their website easily and with little effort.

Leading Web Design Company

Lowcostseo are the leading web design and development company in UK. We offer high quality web design for business owners across UK and Europe at the most affordable rates. We believe the first step to getting your website to the top of the search engines begins at the design and development stage. Whether you are on a budget or a reputable business we have solutions to cater for all your requirements at Lowcostseo. 

We are the No1 SEO company in the world in terms of web presence however we saw that many clients had badly designed and developed websites for their businesses. Many sites have no SEO provision for them at all. You have to question yourself, are you looking to market the site or not? Many web designers and developers will not guide you because they have no clue what SEO is. At Lowcostseo, we have the experts who will design the site for you taking in consideration your future marketing objectives.

Many web design websites offer package web designing deals which means they have a limitation in terms of design and functionality based on the package they choose. We believe this sort of web designing and development is a total waste of money unless you are not looking to market the website at all. So why go to a web designer who has no knowledge about SEO. Lowcostseo offer the perfect web design solution to take you business to the top of the search engines. 

Lowcostseo create websites that generate business

We build sites in high quality design, functionality, features and SEO friendly

A basic website from Lowcostseo is anything but basic. We create sites that will give you all that you need in making your online business a success. From the very beginning of the process till the site goes live, we will endeavour to make the experience as smooth as possible.

There are countless platforms that allow a website to be designed. Platforms like Magento, Wordpress and alike are just a few examples of the many platforms available out there. If, for some reason, you prefer us to use a particular platform that won’t be a problem, our team of experts has a comprehensive knowledge about the web design world, being able to work on popular platforms of your preference.

If you are looking for a cheap website design that includes high quality in the same package, there’s no need to keep looking, LowCostSEO, offers you the web design you and your customers want at prices you can afford! 

Build a foundation for online success with professional and affordable web design.

The core of launching an online presence or business often begins with a website, therefore it is paramount that the site looks professional, is user friendly, and follows the principles of search engine optimization (SEO).

London based LowCostSEO is proud to announce the launch of a new website design service, as part of a comprehensive range of SEO and web marketing solutions.

In our experience as one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in Europe, we have discovered that many of our clients come to us with existing websites, asking us to help boost their search rankings. However a fundamental aspect of SEO is the web design itself. If the site is not well coded from the beginning, it can be difficult to reap the full benefits of optimization. The overall look and style of a site is also important when engaging users and customers.

At LowCostSEO our dedicated team of designers will build a solid foundation, priming your business for growth. We draw from years of experience in all aspects of web development, and will craft a website that looks great to both users and search engines - giving you the best opportunity to succeed online. This is accomplished with 3 key approaches:

User-friendliness - Research shows that up to 20 percent of internet browsing activity is done through a mobile device, such as a smart-phone or tablet. We recognize the impact of modern technology and ensure all websites are designed to display effectively on both desktops and all other mobile and handheld devices. From colors to font type, our designers know exactly how to create the best user experience.

We will also ensure that you have an integrated social media system, so your users can find and connect with Facebook, Twitter and other profiles.

Search Engine Optimized - As a leader in the SEO industry we have a tried and tested formula for optimizing your site for search engines. All of our web designs are carefully crafted so the search engines can find and rank your content, resulting in a steady stream of traffic and customers.

Content Management - It is not just the people browsing your site that need a hassle free experience. We can provide a simple and effective Content Management System (CMS) so you can login as an admin and control every aspect of the website yourself. Whether it's adding new pages and updates, or tweaking SEO, you can access all the features from one simple control panel.