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Lowcostseo prides itself to have worked with many clients from Kenya. We have expert knowledge in that region and have SEO experts that comprehend the native language of Swahili in Kenya. Our growing clientele in Kenya had made us expand into that region by taking on the best marketing experts from Kenya on board our team. 

Local Marketing Experts in Nairobi

Our team of Kenyan marketing experts offers services ranging from search engine optimization to link building to social media marketing for all businesses whether it is a start-up or an established business. We have a growing list of portfolio of Kenyan clients that you can talk to direct about our services and prices. 

We strive our best to make an impact on your business via our SEO services as we do believe that our success as a business is tied with your success. Our dedicated experts will fully first understand the nature of your business, we will draw out a strategy to follow and run it across with you before the implementation stage. We will keep you updated at all stages via the client dashboard where you can login and access all the reports. 

In todays busy marketplace, it is important to market one's business and give it the exposure to take it to the next level. As the internet marketplace has grown so has the perception of the users. Many are now using the internet as a mode of looking for suppliers, manufacturers etc so being seen on the search engine will be the biggest and most important task for a business.

How Long will the SEO campaign take?

How long will a SEO process take? Well it can take from 4-6 months depending on the competition level and the overall content of the site too. No one can ever guarantee you quick and cheap results as it is simply not possible. Search engine marketing is a slow, patient process that takes time but results will be there at the end. Our skilled experts will go the extra mile to get your site to the top. Our guidance will be with you from the start till the last stage and we will explain every step that we take to you.

If you have any feedback for us or any other solutions that you feel will work for your site then you can surely consult us and we will integrate those in the marketing campaign. Our low cost SEO packages we specially designed to meet your budget and to be able to get onto the marketing ladder. We want to exceed your expectations as a marketing company and help you in achieving your business goals as that will in turn mean success for your business. 

With many internet marketing companies in Kenya claiming to be the best, we let our clientele and experience do the talking for us. With unrivalled experience and a large team in Kenya we surely are the best guys for your business. We at Lowcostseo will customize our SEO packages to the ones that fits your needs and promise to deliver substantial results, all within an affordable SEO price.

Local Targeted Marketing in Kenya

Our experts understand how important a geo targeted marketing campaign might be. That is why we have different solutions for customers from various locations. We have various approaches for focusing on particular areas like Nairobi, Ngong, Karen, Langata, etc. The keyword and other SEO strategies we use will rank you up to the first Google, Yahoo, MSN or Bing page. It all depends on which search engine do you prefer to concentrate on, so that the SEO company department in Kenya will be able to formulate an adequate and efficient plan for that purpose

We never makes compromises with quality. On the contrary, we keep upgrading our marketing skills with each task, because there is always something new to learn. That is one of our main principles, which reflects to the SEO services we offer as well – we always improve ourselves. Therefore, it is quite natural for us to have plenty of loyal customers, especially in Kenya. The country is a well-known market for our company, which is another bonus for you, since we are aware of the local specifics and general needs.

You need more attention from the online visitors and there is no other way to be noticed than becoming more visible for search engines. The proficient specialists working for us are capable to prepare some tactics and a strategy tailored especially for you. If you're ready to get your website marketed then contact us and we'll have a free assessment done on your website today!

Our Affordable SEO Packages

We offer cheap and affordable low cost SEO services in Kenya. We offer packages that focus on clients’ SEO needs and optimisation strategy. We go beyond ‘just SEO’. Our aim is to also help you create best online contents, videos, images, keywords, media so that your website can excel in search engine rankings. We also help you do the needful with Google data analytics achieved through the best online search engine marketing plans.

What we do?

When you hire us, we get you started by understanding your target market by also having a close look at your website’s structure. Our plans aim at helping your website to position itself well in the search engines. We ensure higher traffic but don’t compromise on quality for that matter. Our SEO strategies don’t just revolve around backlinks, keywords, Meta data, etc but our efforts let your brand sell as well as sail through well! We are going to charge you less and offer you quick and effective results.

Why should you hire us?

We don’t compromise on the quality of the service and yet we believe in providing you the best and the most convincing low cost SEO results in Kenya at affordable rates. We have a dedicated and professional team of SEO experts and the best marketing professionals. With years of technical expertise and experience in the field, we continuously work towards building your brand image.

Our team specialises in creating low cost SEO strategies with the help of Google analytics. We act as your local SEO consultants in Kenya and you don’t really have to go anywhere else. We proceed with an ethical approach and our team is not just professional but also reliable. We know and follow the Google guidelines and take special care in not ignoring them. Our successful SEO results in Kenya rely heavily on our processes. Our link building and other SEO techniques are ethical and reliable to the core.

Our Key goal

The key goal of our team is to help your website rank higher in most of the search engines. Our packages are affordable. We don’t just do the plain talks, we work towards getting you on page one. We offer low cost SEO service in Kenya that doesn’t aim at charging you pennies with no or unexpected results. We understand your business and we are not interested in spammy techniques of SEO.

More than just the rankings!

We specialise in SEO marketing and related services and are one of the leading low cost SEO services in Kenya offering the most preferred internet solutions. Analytics and online reporting are also a part of our smart SEO campaign. Our pricing is the best in the market and we offer dedicated and top rated SEO services focusing on your organisation’s overall profitability.

Finally, we are also a company with immense SEO expertise that understands the changing SEO market trends. Our low cost SEO packages in Kenya are a great fit for most of your needs. They are tailor-made to meet your expectations and that of your business and clients. Our all inclusive marketing solutions and cutting edge strategies in SEO, pay per click, conversion optimisation and other related concerns let you enjoy immense advantages over your competitors in market. 

We also undertake SEO Services in South Africa if you are interested in this.

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