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Our team has worked with various businesses within the west midlands and understands regional ranking importance.

Our Mission

To provide affordable yet high quality marketing solutions to small businesses across Birmingham.

Lowcostseo is a dynamic engaging SEO agency offering services across Birmingham. We specialise in offering fantastic SEO services for any budget and company. Whatever you need, we have the tools and knowledge to do it!

The Benefits Of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. At it’s very core, it’s about getting a higher position on result listings for popular search engines, search as Google. Yet, under the hood, there is so much more to work with.

We utilise SEO to increase your exposure, ensuring more people are able to find your website. Great SEO doesn’t just stop there, however. We ensure that the right people find your site, so you can achieve a high conversion rate.

With out SEO knowledge, we can create a sustainable, successful plan that maintains your visibility, giving you an edge over your competitors and ensuring new customers and users can find you with ease.

Affordable SEO Strategies

Here at lowcostseo, we don’t believe our optimisation services need to be expensive. After all, everyone needs to utilise SEO to stay in their field – it’s simply not about who has more money.

Because of this, we strive to offer strategies at any level. We offer some very comprehensive SEO packages, as well as all of our individual services. This way, we can work with you to get the results you want, without breaking the bank.


So, what does SEO involve? For the very best results, you want a strategy that works via multiple methods. At its core, link building and outreach can generate the links vital to search engine algorithms.

Yet this can be supported by other efforts, too. PPC or Pay Per Click is a fantastic way for companies to advertise directly, while Social Media is a powerful tool that few businesses should ignore.

If that’s not enough, we can even look at optimising your own website, making it more user friendly and ensuring that it’s message is clear. Sometimes, it’s not enough to people onto your site. You also need to keep them. Don’t worry – this is something we are fully experienced in and we have the solutions!

Who We Are

We are lowcostseo and we offer fantastic, cheap SEO services that deliver fantastic results. We’re not just optimisation experts: we’re passionate people that care about what we do.

When you work with us, you have access to experts that are experienced in their field. We are always here and can answer any questions, as well as walking through any strategies or developments. Clear communication is important, as we will be taking your brand and increasing its exposure. For this, you need a team that you trust with such a valuable asset. This is where our affordable SEO agency truly stands out: we never let you down.

Are you interested in finding out more? Great! It doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporation or a very small website – SEO can benefit anyone. Get in touch with us to find out how we can directly help you!

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